We are developing a novel next generation approach to processing and visualizing cancer tissue

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Revolutionizing the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Is Our Goal

ClearLight is developing a next generation tissue processing and analysis technology that will deliver an unprecedented way to visualize and quantify three-dimensional (3D) relationships within the microenvironment of diseased tissues. The technology provides a suite of powerful tools which will enable the discovery of novel diagnostic biomarkers as well as enable deeper understanding of the tumor microenvironment and the mechanism of action of novel therapeutic targets.

Tissue-based characterization continues to serve as one of the gold standards for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases. Obtaining high-resolution, three-dimensional information from solid tumors or other diseased tissue, while maintaining the global perspective needed to understand the complex tissue microenvironment, represents a key challenge for preclinical and clinical disease applications. CLARITY preserves spatial and biological information, allowing for the identification and characterization of biomarkers for potential diagnosis, prognosis and response/resistance to therapy.

The application of our exclusive CLARITY-related methods will lead to powerful insights and a new level of understanding of the role and types of cells within a solid tumor microenvironment.

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